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Fundraiser For India’s Vulnerable Women and Children

Updates & Impact from Everest Fundraiser 2018

– Mo Hossain –

Do you remember?

One summer morning few months ago, as I’m reading the news I come across to a headline that makes me cringe: “An 8-year-old girl’s gang rape and murdered in Kathua, India.” I think there are always one off events that could happen… Another week or two go by and I come across yet more headlines to the tune of: “Teen alleges she was raped by teachers and classmates for months.” This is then followed by a statistic by CNN mentioning “90% of females in India experience sexual harassment and 86% of women think it’s not safe for them to work evening or late hours”.


It has to start with us, the Indian government and the people accepting that there is a blatant issue here. In fact, there are lots of NGOs working on helping victims and prevention.

As you may know, I am going to be trekking up to Everest Base Camp (next week!). It’s a 10 day journey that will be met with 80 miles of walking and nearly 3000 meters ascent. I’ve decided to dedicate my hike to this cause and I need your help!

Please donate any amount you can to this fundraiser, which will go to GiveIndia and in turn to help the vulnerable women and children of India. If you’re not able to donate, no worries! You can help by signing a petition here:

And remember, even though this issue is extremely problematic in India, it can happen anywhere. Always look out for people in distress and lend a hand, when possible. Thank you very much for your support!

If you’d like to follow my adventure (ie. struggle) up to base camp, you can find me on Instagram @moplacestogo

You may remember this fundraiser on Facebook from 2018, if you were following my Everest Base Camp adventure. Fantastic news is that my goal of $1000 was exceeded, finally raising a total of $1122. Over 30 people have donated to the cause. I couldn’t be more thankful for these amazing beings, supporting a worthy cause.

Thanks to the following people from the bottom of my heart:

Alex Pennisi
Angus Crane
Aslesha Nargolkar
Nilo Sarwar
Sabrina Bailey
Derrick Meyers
Dmitry Misherov
Dominik Opt
Eileen Sherwin
Eugene Orlov
Eva Farina

Jennifer Godwin
Joe LoCascio
Katie Cerniglia
Louis Amoroso
Manesh Tailor
Mark Brooks
Meredith Vinez
Michael Coughlin
Missy Marufa
Parker Edwards
Patrick Din

Paul-Victor Winters
Ricardo Santos
Richard Moore
Rose Randall
Ryan Vesely
Shruti Kalra
Syed Bilgrami
Timothy Tham
Tyler Parsons
Vally Barra
Yuliana Shemetovets

You guys are all awesome!! Most of the time you donate and your money will go to the people for a fantastic cause — but you generally don’t hear more about the results. I wanted to make sure this was different and share some of the impact you’ve made!

After the end of the fundraiser, I worked with to find NGOs that supported our cause well. I wanted to make sure the donations were used properly and not heavily going to marketing or other activities. Below are some of the reports of the children and women who’s been helped and benefited from our efforts.

NGOs that helped!

NGO Name: Apnalaya
Donation: Sponsor to a fund for running a Family Counseling Center (FCC) for victims of Domestic violence
Read the report: Helping_Victims_of_Domestic_Violence-Apnalaya_Report.pdf

NGO Name: Mahila Dakshata Samiti
Donation: Help rehabilitate women in distress at a Short Stay Home by part sponsoring 1-day costs
Read the report: Rehabilitating_Women_in_Distress-Mahila_Dakshata_Samiti_Report.pdf

NGO Name: Apnalaya
Cause: Support the one-month running cost of one ANC & Gyneac clinic for women and girls
Read the report: Supporting_Clinic_for_Women_and_Girls-Apnalaya_Report.pdf

NGO Name: Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra
Donation: Provide education of a poor girl child for a year
Read the report: Continuous_Education_for_Girls-Nav_Bharat_Jagriti_Kendra_Report.pdf

NGO Name: Seva Mandir
Donation: Provide quality education for about 25 rural tribal children for 1 month
Read the report: Educating_25_Children_for_One_Month-Seva_Mandir_Report.pdf

NGO Name: Mahila Dakshata Samiti
Donation: Dakshata Family Counseling Centre, Dakshata Short Stay Home, Education of a Child, Health Care
Read the report: Empowering_Women-Mahila_Dakshata_Samiti_Report.pdf

Again, thank you so much!! If you did not get to participate in the fundraiser, fret not, you can still help by signing the petition on You can also find worthy causes/NGOs that are still focusing on these issues in India through or even your local organizations.

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