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Why should you read this blog?

Being born in a third world country, Bangladesh, living in the United States for over 14 years already and in between short stints in France and Italy, I’ve experienced a lot of different cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. I’ve been to countless places, spent time with many different people. I love stories and photography. All of these things combined, I hope to share interesting perspectives on my travels and help you get the best out of your travel destination.

Who are you?

Mo. Mo Hossain.
Jetsetter, photographer and food enthusiast, now turned blogger. I was just living in London and before that in New York City. In March this year, I decided to quit my job and travel full time for a few months, while focusing on photography, expanding my travel experiences and work on some other projects. Professionally, I was a Sales Engineer for a few years. You can learn more about my professional life here:


What is this blog about?

You’ll find tips and recommendations for travel hot spots and some unusual destinations. Read my travel stories about some fun, weird, exciting experiences around the world. If you have a suggestion for a topic that you’d like me to write about, send me a note!

Love the pictures?

All pictures are taken by me, unless otherwise noted. You can download and share them. If you do share, please link to my site here. For faster web experience, images on this site are optimized and have a lower quality. If you’d like a copy of a higher resolution image, get in touch with me. I’m happy to share my pictures freely to non-profits; for use in a business, please contact me:

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Yes! I’m social.



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